Kara Takes a Reading Break

Instead of a new strip today, I want to bring your attention to the fact that I have a paperback launching in a few days. It's called The Illuminated Heart, and it's a retelling of the Norwegian fairy tale "East of the Sun, West of the Moon", plus zombies. The back cover looks awfully like that of the book Kara's holding in the picture above.

The lead up to the launch is taking place on my blog in what will be a series of three blog posts on how the book came to exist, plus another post on Launch Day. So far, two of these have been posted. They are:

  1. Idea (The Illuminated Heart Book Launch)
  2. Research (The Illuminated Heart Book Launch)

On Monday, the next post will go up, and it's easily the most important, after the Launch Day post. It describes how the book got its soul, and will be entitled 'Heart'. So, go and check out the posts that are already up, and get ready. Launch Day is September 16th. :D

2 thoughts on “Kara Takes a Reading Break

  1. Cute picture! I really like your art style.

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