Kara Preps for the Edmonton Expo

As you can see from the picture, Kara (and I) are in the middle of preparing for next weekend, aka the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo. I'll be sharing a booth with All Star Sports Cards and Collectables, which is a really cool store in Edmonton with the most Doctor Who stuff I've ever seen in one place.

At the booth, there will be four different kinds of Kara the Brave buttons (two involving the Salamander, two involving Kara) and one kind of button for my first book, Dreaming of Her and Other Stories. In addition, I will also have copies of my second book, The Illuminated Heart, and I will be signing any and all copies of that that come my way.

So, if you find yourself at the Expo next weekend, come by and say hi! :) And now, if you'll excuse me, I'll have to explain to Kara that, yes, we really do need to talk about that elephant.

7 thoughts on “Kara Preps for the Edmonton Expo

  1. LOL! Love it. And again… really enjoying your illustrations. As much as I like reading the story strip, these stand-alone pics are super great, too.

    I know, I’m gushing with phrases like “super great”, but I do enjoy stylistic comic art styles. I’m a long-time fan of Japanese anime and I enjoy a lot of the modern, minimal styles. Yours is like that, and has heart. Thus, “super great”!

    1. Yay! I’ve been worried that the art in this comic is kinda bad, so it’s super nice to hear that it actually works quite well. Seriously, thank you so much for all the kind words! :)

      1. Have you seen “Adventure Time” on Cartoon Network? Your art style reminds me a bit of theirs. Very trendy right now, so I think yours fits right in. No doubt you’ll get more “polished” as time goes on (that happens naturally to cartoon artists as they continue drawing their characters), but this is quite an acceptable start, in my opinion!

        1. I have! I love that show, although I started watching it after I’d started this. Great minds think alike? :) Plus, you’re the second person to compare Kara the Brave to Adventure Time, so I’m kind of squeezing like crazy over here. :D

          Yeah, things will definitely get more polished. They already are, actually, and that’s not just because I’m getting more used to drawing with a tablet. :P It’ll be super interesting when this arc is over to compare the first and last strips and see how the art has changed over time.

        2. Comparing the first and latest strips… totally like this great comic / article I got from you a week or two ago: Get Started Already!

        3. Isn’t it a great comic/article? :D Encouragement like that, and also seeing the truth of what it says play out in comic after comic is what made me decide that I could do this. You can even see it in Calvin and Hobbes. And in novels. It happens in all mediums, really. So, if we really want to do a thing, we might as well start. The only way to go is up. :)

        4. Exactly! Onward and upward. Excelsior!

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