No Kara This Week Because Homework

Dear reader,

The situation is exactly how it sounds in the title. I’m taking a TESL course (Teaching English as a Second Language), and I’m horribly behind on readings and the not-for-marks-but-still-very-important homework. Today, I was sure I could still put up new strips this week, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that that’s simply not possible in a way that’s healthy for me.

Which sucks, because I’ve been enjoying drawing two strips a week, and because we’re getting so close to the end of this arc. But I’m not about overwork myself. You’d get crappy comic strips if I did. :P

I’ll tell you how many strips there are left, though. Approximately speaking, there are 5-7 left. How many exactly depends on if I find I really do need to add 1-2 strips to the ones I’ve already planned.

That said, whichever number it is, I can promise this: the last week of this arc will have more than two strips. Because of reasons.

More details to come when I have exact numbers nailed down. Keep an eye out. :D



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