Schedule Changes Due to Imminent Novel Publishing and Expo

Dear reader,

My next book, Hidden in Sealskin, came back from the editor two hours ago, which means it’s go time again for editing, as I’m racing against the clock to get this book published before the Edmonton Expo (more on the Expo in a sec).

As a result, the schedule for Kara the Brave will be a bit wonky for the month of September, something which I plan on making up for come October.


Sept-Nov Schedule:

  • Sept 1st (tomorrow): no comic :(
  • Sept 8th: Chapter 3, strip 3!
  • Sept 15th:  no comic, maybe drawing (Expo prep instead)
  • Sept 23rd: no comic, maybe drawing (Expo prep instead)
  • Sept 29th: Chapter 3, strip 4!

After September won’t be so weird:

  • October (starting Oct 5th): Updates twice a week! Every Tuesday and Friday!
  • November: same as October until arc is done. \o/

Once this arc of Kara’s adventures is done, I’ll take a break until January in order to work on some other projects, finish a TESOL course (!!!) and plan the next arc.

As this happens, I’ll share snippets and sketches of these plans. Since I made up all the characters in this arc by doodling during class, there will also be lots of little doodles. The best place to be following this along (along with everything else I do) will be on Patreon.


Speaking of the Expo…

Yes, I’ll be at the Edmonton Expo again this year, and this time I’ll have my own table! Along with my books, there will also be some Kara the Brave pins, although they weren’t very popular last year, so there won’t be any new ones. More on that in a sec.

Where to find me: Artist’s Alley, in Hall E, at table C3*.

*Please note that this number has been changed two or three times since my exhibitor application was first accepted, so this might change between now and when I set up. Please do check on Sept 25th before you come to make sure it’s correct. :)


ALL of the Pins

At last year’s Expo, I had a number of pins made for Kara the Brave. Like I said, they weren’t all that popular. Since the designs were made from only what I thought was funny or cool and I didn’t get input from you, this was something I figured might happen.

So this is my question for you:

What would be on your Kara the Brave pins?

And, if you want more or prefer something else:

What kind of Kara the Brave thing would you like to own?



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