The Graduation Hiatus

Dear reader,

I’ve been hemming and hawing about this for a while now about this, but I’ve decided now. Instead of constantly postponing strips one day or one week as I try to manage the workload of the last semester of my degree, it’s best to put Kara the Brave on pause until that’s all over. I tried not to, but the only other thing in my schedule that could be removed to give me the time I need to post consistently can’t be removed without certain other things in place. And those things aren’t in place.

Thus, the graduation hiatus.

My last paper is due on April 15th, and I might go to the Calgary Expo that weekend (not with a booth, just as an attendee, as I’ve never gone before), but I have to work out some details first. So, to leave room for that (and some time to celebrate finishing my degree), the hiatus will end the weekend after that. Um. *checks calendar* Right. That’ll be the weekend of the 25th.

So, mark your calendar, set a phone alert, do whatever will remind you the day of what happens next in Kara’s story. And see you on April 25th. :)



2 thoughts on “The Graduation Hiatus

  1. Well, you gotta do what you gotta do.

    So do it! I’ll be here when you get back. ;-)

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