Happy New Year from Bored Kid Comics!

Dear reader,

Yes, it’s January 4th already, but I’m doing this anyways. Just wanted to wish you a happy New Year, and may you experience all the best that 2015 has to offer. :)

So here’s to you and to the adventures of a new year. May you face them with courage, and may you make good use of a tactical retreat when you know you need it, rather than burning yourself out by charging into the middle of the fray when you’re not ready yet. I don’t know if Kara’s doing that in this week’s strip, but it’s still a good idea to listen to yourself even if you think you “should” be doing something else. Courage isn’t just about fighting, after all. It can be about resting, too.



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Bored Kid Comics!

  1. Wise words! I took some rest time last night and just played a video game for an hour. Very relaxing and enjoyable. The art in the game was inspiring. Nice interlude in the midst of a busy schedule.

    1. :) What game? Methinks I might want to check it out.

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