The Vacation Hiatus Gets a Slight Extension

So, I totally messed up and wrote a blog post instead of drawing this week’s comic. As a result, since tomorrow’s totally full, I will be putting up the next strip on Monday, which is September 1st.

Oh. That’s weird. I totally thought that tomorrow was the 1st. O.o Obviously, I need a refresher lesson on how many days there are in each month.

Anyways. Comic. Monday. That’s a thing. I’m sorry for making you wait so long. :(

To make up for it, I will write a very short story about Kara, which I will read for you on video. Fun expressions and voices included. It’ll go up as a news post, like this one, after the strip has been posted.

Sorry again for this, and I hope the short story is entertaining enough to make up for the inconvenience. See you on Monday!

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